How the Right Garage Door Lock can Save Your Life

Garage door locks are not only helpful in securing your garage doors; they can also deter would-be burglars from entering your home through its weakest point: the garage. Garages, unlike windows and doors, can be quite easy to pry open. Some garage door openers, for example, can be opened with a universal garage door opener remote or the right picking tools. In act, any burglar equipped with the right set of tools and experience can access your home through the garage without making it look like a break-in.

To keep burglars at bay, it is important to invest in the right kind of garage door, garage door opener, and most importantly, a heavy-duty garage door lock that is compatible with your garage setup.

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Installing the Right Garage Door Lock

While installing a garage door lock can be easy, finding the best lock for your garage isn't always a quick process. With plenty of garage door locks out in the market, finding the right one for your garage door will require a certain level of meticulousness.

When searching for the right garage door lock, always consider the following qualities:

  • How strong is the lock's pick resistance?
  • How strong is the lock's break resistance?
  • Can the lock withstand extreme weather changes? Will it break when the temperature falls below 0 degrees? Or will it be easy to pick in hotter weather?
  • Is the lock compatible with your garage door and garage door opener?

Pick resistance, break resistance, and weather resistance are among the most important qualities to consider when buying a new garage door lock. If the lock's pick resistance is high, it could protect you against the most skilled lockpickers. High break resistance in a garage door lock can also mean it won't break regardless of how much pressure is applied to it. These kinds of garage door locks will serve you well for a long time, and they do tend to be very good home improvement investments. Finally, a lock with high weather resistance means the lock won't break under extreme weather changes. If you live in regions that can get extremely humid during the summertime, you might want to invest in a garage door lock that won't be easy to pick or pry open especially when it's hot outside.

The garage door lock's compatibility with your garage door and opener is also another important quality that you must not overlook when choosing a lock for your home. Garage door locks are not made alike: some garage door locks may not respond to the opener's automatic command to open, or close, and it may even damage your garage door if both items are not meant to work together. Before purchasing a garage door lock, ask a garage door technician if the lock will work well with the garage door, as well as your garage door's opener system.

Once you've decided on a garage door lock, it's time for installation.

Installing a garage door lock is another tricky process that could require an expert's assistance. Garage doors tend to be very heavy and making additions or changes to it will require the use of heavy tools. Furthermore, garage door locks can also be tricky to work with. In order to install them properly, you will need the skill or the experience to install locks masterfully and accurately.

In instances like these, it is recommended for homeowners to work with garage door professionals if installing a garage door lock is something you have not done before. It only takes a little error to destroy your lock as well as your garage door as a result of poor installation practices.